What is the Fuel Economy of the Land Rover Range Rover?

The Land Rover Range Rover is a luxurious and powerful SUV known for its off-road capabilities and sophisticated design.
What is the Fuel Economy of the Land Rover Range Rover?

What is the Fuel Economy of the Land Rover Range Rover?

Welcome to our comprehensive analysis of the fuel economy of the Land Rover Range Rover. As a luxury SUV, the Range Rover is renowned for its exceptional performance, comfort, and style. In this article, we will delve into the key factors that impact the fuel economy of this iconic vehicle, including its fuel efficiency and advanced hybrid technology.

Fuel Efficiency and MPG

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Land Rover Range Rover has made significant strides to minimize its environmental impact without compromising its power and capability. With the latest generation of engines and hybrid technology, the Range Rover achieves impressive fuel economy ratings.

The Range Rover offers a variety of engine options, including gasoline and diesel variants, as well as plug-in hybrid models. The official fuel economy ratings, measured in miles per gallon (MPG), vary depending on the specific engine and drivetrain configuration chosen.

For instance, the Range Rover P400e plug-in hybrid model combines a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with an electric motor, delivering an estimated electric range of up to 31 miles. This model achieves an impressive combined MPG rating of 80 miles per gallon equivalent (mpg-e) and a combined fuel economy rating of 25 MPG.

On the other hand, the Range Rover Supercharged V8 models, which feature a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine, deliver slightly lower fuel economy ratings due to their higher performance capabilities. These models achieve a combined MPG rating of around 18 MPG, which is still commendable for a vehicle of its class and power.

Hybrid Technology

Land Rover has embraced hybrid technology to enhance the fuel efficiency of the Range Rover even further. The plug-in hybrid models feature a high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged through an external power source, allowing for all-electric driving for shorter commutes and reducing overall fuel consumption.

The intelligent hybrid system in the Range Rover seamlessly integrates the electric motor with the combustion engine, optimizing the power delivery and contributing to better fuel economy. It also allows the driver to select different driving modes to prioritize either electric driving or performance, depending on their needs.

Efficiency Factors

Various factors impact the fuel economy of the Land Rover Range Rover, aside from the engine type and hybrid technology. These include:

  • Driving Style: Aggressive acceleration and excessive speeding can negatively impact fuel efficiency.
  • Terrain and Road Conditions: Off-road driving, steep inclines, and heavy traffic can increase fuel consumption.
  • Vehicles Weight: Additional accessories, cargo load, and passenger count can affect the overall efficiency.
  • Maintenance: Regular servicing, proper tire inflation, and clean air filters contribute to optimal fuel economy.

By considering these factors, drivers can maximize their Range Rover's fuel efficiency and get the most out of every gallon of fuel.


The Land Rover Range Rover offers a compelling combination of luxury, performance, and fuel efficiency. With its range of engine options and advanced hybrid technology, it provides an excellent balance between power and eco-friendliness.

Whether you choose a plug-in hybrid model for its exceptional fuel economy or a V8-powered variant for its thrilling performance, the Range Rover continues to be a top choice in the luxury SUV segment.

For more information on the Land Rover Range Rover's fuel economy and specifications, we recommend visiting the official Land Rover website or contacting your local Land Rover dealership.

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